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Venus Michael Bookkeeping

You Need More Than a "Baby" Bookkeeper

Not having a Professional accounting & bookkeeping company for Your small business could cost MUCH more than having one.


A Certified Bookkeeper should be the first person you hire when you start a business or if you have an existing business.

Profit First Bookkeeping

It’s not about how much money you make—it’s about how much you keep. As one of the accounting & bookkeeping company certified by Profit First Professionals, we offer a unique accounting services in Texas that can help you smooth your cash flow, control expenses, reduce debt and grow profits! Let’s Talk!

Cash Flow Roadmap

You need the tools to sustain profitability from day 1 (or year 10). Together we will lay out a plan with the Profit First fundamentals to make your business permanently profitable, the right way! Let’s Talk!

Strategic Planning

If your books and bank accounts are stuck in the old way of just doing things. Then we would love to show you what modern accountants do… they help you drive profitability by guiding you with the methods to greatly increase the profitability of your business. Let’s Talk!

Speaking Engagements

Venus brings her unique brand of wit, energy and honesty to audiences of every size delivering workshops on both business accounting basics and cash flow management. Let’s Talk!

Sit down and get our accounting services in Texas to take the stress off your bookkeeping

Does thinking about payroll, payroll taxes and payroll compliance makes you sweat? Accurate books are the most important tool you need to make those relevant business decisions. Have our accounting services in Texas on your side to relieve stress over getting your financials up-to-date.

Professional Accounting Services

Let’s build your profits together.

Any bookkeeper can manage your accounting, but Venus brings the most important financial factor to the table – maximizing your profits! Venus Michael is one in only a select few bookkeepers that is certified to work with the Profit First Cash Management System.


Meet Your Professional Bookkeeper

As a Full Charge Bookkeeper, Venus can easily handle all important daily tasks to financial reporting on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
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