I am Venus Michael…

A Wife and Mother

an Entrepreneur

a Profit First Bookkeeper

a Good Friend

an Author

a Speaker

Once Upon A time

Established in 2004, I embarked on my journey as a bookkeeper, following all the necessary steps to start a successful business. However, like many of my clients, I quickly discovered that completing these tasks didn’t guarantee financial stability. I reluctantly accepted that I was merely running a side hustle, and in order to survive, I needed to seek alternative employment. While I kept my side hustle afloat by a thread, I joined the corporate world, where my skills propelled me up the ladder. Within three years, I found myself overseeing multiple locations, responsible for hiring and training new employees.

Then, in 2013, I faced a pivotal moment when I learned that my boss was selling the business. This prompted me to make a resolute decision – I refused to let my precious side hustle fail. I yearned to build something of my own, something I could be proud of, something that would provide for my family.

Rock Bottom

However, the road to success was anything but smooth. After countless hours invested in business education, countless sleepless nights, and numerous mistakes that led to tears, I finally began to gain traction. Despite slowly generating income, it wasn’t enough to make ends meet. My family and I survived on frugal dinners and struggled to keep up with mortgage payments. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and I found myself in a pawn shop, humbly pleading for money and selling a cherished possession for a mere fraction of its value, all to avoid losing our home.


But then, one fateful day, as I sobbed in despair, a remarkable sight caught my attention – a dragonfly in my backyard. It fluttered just inches from my face, almost as though it wanted to be noticed. And then, several more dragonflies appeared, one after another. A total of 21 dragonflies blessed my sight. Intrigued by this unexpected phenomenon, I conducted some research and stumbled upon an article that claimed dragonflies symbolize impending change. That same day, my journey with the book “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz began, and true to its promise, change was on the horizon.

Happily Ever After

I devoured the wisdom enclosed within its pages and diligently applied the Profit First system to both my own life and the lives of my clients. Miraculously, remarkable transformations ensued. Within six months, I transitioned from a mere side hustle to a thriving, legitimate business. I finally achieved true financial clarity and stability.

Now, I am unburdened by the ongoing worry of where money will come from to pay bills, buy groceries, or live my life. Pawn shops no longer haunt my existence. Instead, I have made it my mission to leverage the knowledge and experience I have gained to guide other struggling business owners out of the depths of despair and into the realm of financial triumph.

You, too, can emerge from the trenches, crafting your very own success stories in the process. Let me extend my hand in partnership as we embark on this transformative journey towards financial security and prosperity.