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Improve Your Business with an Accredited Profit First Professional & Certified Bookkeeper

Venus Michael is a Certified Bookkeeper & Accredited Profit First Professional offering all the conveniences of having your own office support without the expenses that come with having a staff on your payroll.

One of the best benefits is that YOU, the business owner, get the benefits of a professional’s expertise without having to put them on your payroll… thus, keeping your overhead low!

She believes that successful businesses are built and maintained by focusing on activities that generate revenue. She knows that you, as a business owner, have important daily tasks that are essential to ensure the continued success of your business.

Venus Michael is one in only a select few bookkeepers that is certified to work with the Profit First Cash Management System.

20 Years of Bookkeeping Experience

Venus Michael has over 20 years experience working with multiple companies such as Sole Proprietorships, Corporations and LLC’s.

In her long career, she has had the pleasure of helping companies of various sizes to:

  • Regain control of their profit margin.
  • Have the right tools.
  • Confidently acquire the outside funding needed;
  • Stay organized to have access to the information necessary to make the decisions concerning their company growth.
  • Assist in multiple IRS Audits.
  • Educate the public to understand IRS regulations and IRS Tax Laws.


Venus Michael is dedicated to your business success.

Venus quickly develops productive working relationships...

Venus quickly develops productive working relationships with her clients. She is accessible by email, online chat, phone calls and in-person meetings to receive information, answer your questions and take care of issues.

She cares about your success...

She cares about your success and supports you by tracking where your money has gone, where your money is projected and how to reward yourself for working so hard.

Venus brings P&Ls to life...

Venus brings P&Ls to life, trial balances to fruition, and ledgers to tell your entire story. Her passion in life is to help other small businesses grow by helping them understand their finances in a way that most of us don’t.

Venus Michael is a Profit First Professional

Venus has teamed up with Mike Michalowicz and his Profit First organization to help eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.

Mike is the entrepreneur behind three multimillion dollar companies and is the author of Profit FirstThe Pumpkin Plan and what BusinessWeek deemed the entrepreneurs cult classic, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

He is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal, speaks internationally on entrepreneurial topics, and is the creator of the Profit First method.

Mike is an active adviser on Profit First to our firm.



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